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Weather from WDT / Hurricane


by Daphne Thompson, on Jun 8, 2018 11:27:45 AM

It's hurricane season, and that means people on the coast need to be on the look-out for storms developing over the ocean. However, not all hurricanes affect people. Take, for …

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by Daphne Thompson, on Jun 5, 2018 1:28:31 PM

With the start of the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season officially here, you may be thinking back to last year's destructive storms. Some were so bad that the names were retired. Tropical …

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by Daphne Thompson, on Jun 1, 2018 2:45:28 PM

Today, June 1, marks the official beginning of Hurricane Season in the Atlantic. Last year was pretty rough for many, and Puerto Rico has yet to recover from Hurricane Maria …

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by Daphne Thompson, on Dec 19, 2017 1:52:36 PM

As 2017 comes to an end, let's look back at some of the significant weather events we blogged or socialized about this year. From blizzards to wildfires to hurricanes, it …

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by Daphne Thompson, on Nov 17, 2017 1:46:06 PM

The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season will officially end on November 30. From Arlene to Rina, it has been an active few months. Let's take a look at the storms that …

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by Daphne Thompson, on Oct 31, 2017 1:54:07 PM

Weather can be scary for many, especially when there are severe thunderstorms. Luckily, understanding radar can help people understand better what type of weather is coming their way. This Halloween, …

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by Daphne Thompson, on Oct 19, 2017 1:31:06 PM

One day the sky is clear blue and another day clouds are there to create a beautiful sunset. Clouds can also have a negative connotation when associated with a thunderstorm or …

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by Stephen Strum, on Oct 5, 2017 2:40:28 PM

As of early October, the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has produced 14 named storms, 8 of which have reached hurricane strength, and 5 of those major hurricane status (Category 3 …

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by Daphne Thompson, on Oct 4, 2017 2:30:12 PM

Alright, which one of you ordered another hurricane? It may still be Atlantic Hurricane Season, but most of us are worn out from the seemingly constant barrage of damaging tropical …

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by Daphne Thompson, on Sep 28, 2017 2:53:26 PM

For many, it is starting to feel like fall. Snow has already been reported in northern states. But for those on the coast, they still need to be worried about …

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