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Catastrophic Flooding Continues in Matthews Wake

by Daphne Thompson, on Oct 10, 2016 3:48:46 PM

Hurricane Matthew may be gone, but he left catastrophic flooding in his wake. The US death toll currently stands at 20, half of these are from North Carolina. Another five people remain missing in that state. And the water continues to rise.


The majority of the southeast coast received multiple inches of rain due to Hurricane Matthew. This graphic shows the totals where red is 9+ inches, pink is 12+ inches, purple is 16+ inches and white is 18+ inches. Starting around Jacksonville is when Matthew began to hug to coast line even more and cause inland flooding.


Rainfall Totals on SE Coast


Looking at a closeup view of the Carolinas, we can see numerous areas with more than a foot of rain. Inland flooding was a big problem, as it caught people who were not directly on the coast unaware.


Rain Totals in the Carolinas

 In Lumberton, North Carolina, the Lumber River is over 10 feet above Flood Stage and more than 4 feet above record flooding levels. The water is still rising and is forecast to remain at record levels for at least the next five days. The high water left approximately 1,500 people stranded, many on roof tops awaiting helicopter rescue. Water levels is some of the communities near Lumberton measured 22 feet, possibly from levee failures. 


Lumber River Plot


Flooding will be a problem for a while in North Carolina, as water continues to move downstream. Here is a look at some of the flooding currently taking place.


Flooding in NC (Credit ABC News)

NC Neighborhood Under Water


Man Kayaks Through Flooded Roads


If you are in an area that is flooding, shelter in place and seek higher areas in your home if needed. Do not drive past barracades or though flooded roads. Cars can easily be washed away in moving water or roads may have collpased underneath.