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Wacky Winter Weather

by David Moran, on Feb 7, 2019 2:14:45 PM

If you live in the Central US or have spoken to anyone from the area, you likely know that the weather can change on a dime. That was indeed the case from Wednesday into early Thursday.

On Wednesday, thundersleet developed over portions of Iowa. Thundersleet forms in a similar fashion to precipitation in a thunderstorm but the difference is that it partially melts and refreezes before reaching the ground.

Thunderstorms developed across Oklahoma just before 7 pm on Wednesday evening. These storms developed in an area that was under a Winter Weather Advisory and quickly became severe with quarter-sized hail and winds over 50 mph.

Later in the evening as a cold front continued to move southward, thundersleet was observed in these thunderstorms. In fact, in some cases, precipitation transitioned from rain to sleet within a relatively short distance. As the cold front came through and temperatures fell below freezing, hailstones that didn't melt became frozen to the ground.

Oklahoma wasn't the only state that got in on the action. Ice Storm Warnings were in effect across portions of Kansas and Missouri, where thundersnow and thundersleet were reported. All of this was occurring with a Severe Thunderstorm Warning in effect. 

While the Kansas City area was being coated in ice, tornado warnings were in effect just to the southeast near Springfield. As of this writing, no tornadoes have been confirmed. 

Thundersleet was reported in the Kansas City area early Thursday morning. 

It's still winter, but some areas got a spring preview last night and early this morning. Don't let the date on the calendar be a reason to let your guard down! There is still plenty of time for more wacky winter weather to develop as spring tries to make an appearance.