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Weather analytics and... NASCAR?

by Steve Miller, on Sep 20, 2015 2:16:41 PM

Unlikely partners?

WDT's WeatherOps team has partnered with the #43 car driven by Aric Almirola and owned by Richard Petty Motorsports. This may seem like an odd relationship until the realization of exactly how much the weather affects the sport of NASCAR sets in. By the way, that's our WeatherOps logo displayed on the B-post right above the MAC Tools logo in the mock-up image above.

So exactly what value can WeatherOps bring to a NASCAR Sprint Cup team? The answer is "plenty".

From Twitter:

Our WeatherOps team of meteorologists utilize WDT weather analytics down to track-level in order to forecast for the #43 team. From venue to venue logistics, to race-altering rainfall forecasts, to data pertinent to the lap-to-lap optimization of the vehicle, weather information from WDT no doubt provides RPMotersports a competitive advantage.

Sunday race:

So while you sit back and enjoy the race, consider everything that goes into these remarkable cars and the athletes who drive them. Consider that like the countless components that must be perfect in order to compete, weather remains a major factor from start to finish. Oh, and look for our logo too! 400 at Chicagoland Speedway will green-flag at 2:16p at 72 degrees and checker at 67 degrees. Skies are clear and no chance of a rainout is in sight.

WeatherOps & NASCAR:

WDT is no stranger to the NASCAR circuit as we have provided operational support to television production crews for years. You can see our exclusive radar products televised during rain delays and when weather threatens. 

Weather dominates the daily news of late and for good reason. Individuals are being injured or losing their lives and businesses of every type are affected. Put the power of WeatherOps to work for you! Just like having your own meteorology department, WeatherOps can warn of impending interruptions within your organization due to weather. Contact us for a quick overview of your needs!

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