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Weather and Art Go Hand in Hand

by Daphne Thompson, on Apr 20, 2017 2:21:26 PM

It's not unusual that artists enjoy painting the landscape and that includes the weather. It's time for the National Weather Center's 3rd Biennale showcasing a combination of weather and art. Being located just across the street, we got a sneak peek.  

Blue skies and a touch of clouds are always easy to get lost in when looking outside. Definitely not threatening weather, but weather all the same. 

art1_clouds.jpegLuminous Light - Janice Courtney

Many are attracted to the rain, whether it's watching it roll down the window or listening to it as you doze off. Get enough rain and you may have some flooding problems. This is something we are able to forecast for you before it causes an issue.

art3_ rain.jpgThe Way to Wilder - Karen Woods

Who doesn't like to watch severe storms on the horizon? Okay, maybe there are a lot of non-meteorologists that are more worried than impressed. When storms are to the west in many areas, it is not unusual that they will move east and affect you. Concerned that something like this could cause issues for your business or live event? Let out WeatherOps team keep you advised of such conditions.

art6_storm_clouds.jpgStorms to the West - David J. Holland

Need a weather forecast? We've got you covered. Well, maybe not four years into the future! While we are able to see long range forecasts, they are seasonal and not multiple years out. Want to know what the weather will be like in a few days? Now, that is something we can easily do for you.

art4_forecast.jpgWeather Prediction 03/03/2021 - Conor Dowdle

Severe weather can be fascinating to view. Not only do the storms look majestic, radar imagery can also be stunning. A supercell producing a hook echo on radar is a sign that the storm is rotating and possibly tornadic. WeatherOps can inform you of such weather before it causes your company issues.  

art5_supercell.jpgOklahoma Tornado - Leslie Anne Martin

Interested in attending the National Weather Center Biennale to see some weather art? Head to Norman starting on April 23, 2017. Concerned about how weather like this can cause problems for your company? Try a free trial of our WeatherOps services. 

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