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WDT’s Alerts Serve Millions This Weekend

by Renny Vandewege, on Jan 23, 2017 3:55:42 PM

As severe weather struck the Southeast, WDT alerted millions this past weekend. While a multi-day event storm system brought tornadoes and severe thunderstorms which caused multiple fatalities and injuries, we continued to warn those in the path of their need to seek shelter.

WDT Alerts Those in Tornado Warnings

WDT takes great pride in being a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador and providing a role in the hazardous weather notification process. We do this through multiple services and smartphone apps. This past weekend, multiple tornadoes cause many issues. After no SPC High Risks had been issued for two years, one was posted Sunday, January 22. The area the risk covered had never been in one before, nor have they been accustomed to the multiple Tornado Watches and Warnings that were to come. Learn more about the number of people we alerted and the manner in which we did so in my following blog.

WDT's Alerts Serve Millions This Weekend

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