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WDT Employee Spotlight- Mike Wolfinbarger

by Daphne Thompson, on May 30, 2017 10:40:36 AM

Mike Wolfinbarger

Mike Wolfinbarger received a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. He leads our mobile development team and manages our direct-to-consumer mobile product suite (RadarScope and Weather Radio).

Fun Facts About Mike

Mike worked at the Oklahoma Climatological Survey for 19 years. As Director of Technology, he led the softwaredevelopment group, computer operations, and technology transfer efforts. His group developed and operated the software and computing infrastructure for the Oklahoma Mesonet and OK-FIRST projects. There software helped make the Oklahoma Mesonet the gold standard of surface observing systems. It’s since been licensed to other states, other countries, the federal government, and private companies.

"Across the board, WDT employees are passionate about both weather and technology," says Mike. "I enjoy creating tools to help our customers better understand the weather and use that understanding to protect lives and property," he continues. When he joined WDT, he was given an opportunity to make the products his team created available to a wider audience, to improve those products and base them on a solid and scalable platform, and to provide round-the-clock support to our customers.

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