Helping Business Weather the Storm

Today is a major historic weather day. The breakdown:

by Steve Miller, on Feb 19, 2016 10:57:29 AM


At least 50 tornadoes touched down over the southeastern U.S. states affected were Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and the Carolinas. 182 people were killed and 1056 were injured. 37 tornadoes were rated F2 or greater on the Fujita scale. No town was directly hit but damage totaled $4 million, a very large sum for the rural south for this time period.


A tornado, rated F4, at Mount Vernon, Illinois killed 24 people and injured 80. 300 homes and 50 businesses were either damaged or destroyed.


High winds across the southern half of the Great Plains, with gusts to 85 mph, caused the worst dust storm since the 1930's. Graders were needed in places to clear fence high drifts of dirt.


A vicious coastal storm dumped 10 to 20 inches of snow over interior sections of the Mid Atlantic and Northeast states and caused some of the worst coastal damage this century in New England. 23 inches of snow fell at McHenry, Maryland, 23 inches piled up at Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and Syracuse, New York recorded 20 inches. 20 foot drifts were reported in northeastern Pennsylvania. Storm surges up to 4.5 feet and winds gusting over 80 mph along coastal Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine resulted in extensive property damage and tremendous beach erosion. 27 houses were destroyed and 3000 damaged in Massachusetts alone.


The "President's Day Snowstorm" struck the Mid Atlantic states. This storm was grossly underforecasted by the computer models and surprised many forecasters as well. Dover, Delaware recorded 25 inches of snow and Baltimore, Maryland was buried under 20 inches.


Showers and thunderstorms in the southeastern U.S. drenched Valdosta, Georgia with more than 5 inches of rain. A 24 hour rainfall total of 7.10 inches at Apalachicola, Florida more than doubled its previous 24 hour record for the month of February.


Intense ocean effect snowsqualls buried Chatham, Massachusetts under 20 inches of snow. Snow fell at a rate of 4 inches per hour for 3 consecutive hours. A "Norlun" instability trough was responsible for this event.