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Record Cold Valentine’s Day Weekend

by Chris Kerr, on Feb 15, 2016 4:24:14 PM

Valentine's Day was chilly for some people and not because they forgot to buy flowers or chocolates! As Arctic high pressure settled over the Northeast U.S. this past weekend bitterly cold temperatures greeted many folks. Combined with breezy winds this lead to wind chills in excess of -20°F for much of Upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine. 

LAPS Data: Feb 14, 2016 at 7am EST
Central Park in New York City dropped to below 0°F on Sunday morning. The last time this occurred was over 16 years ago when the temperature was -2°F on January 19, 1994! Even though the region is experiencing light snow today, the good news is that temperatures will quickly rise beginning tonight into Tuesday morning. Due to this, some location could see a difference in temperatures of over 50°F between this morning and Tuesday afternoon.


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