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Nocturnal Tornadoes Cause Damage in the South

by Daphne Thompson, on Nov 6, 2018 2:59:03 PM

Overnight on November 5, tornadoes were spotted across the southern states. Nocturnal tornadoes are especially tough on communities since they are near impossible to see, and many are asleep and not alert to the conditions. 

The event began in Louisiana during the early evening when a tornado was spotted near Natchitoches. 

By the time the storms reached Mississippi, night had fallen. Many tornado warnings were issued, and damage surveys will be ongoing today to determine how many occurred. For a while, Tupelo was under the gun as a large tornado was reported doing damage. 

Near midnight, the line of severe thunderstorms had tornado warnings stretched from Mississippi to Tennessee. 

Tornado Warnings on RadarScope - Nov 5, 2018

This nocturnal event reached Tennessee by midnight, and unfortunately, there was a fatality recorded in Christiana. The Nashville National Weather Service has surveyed the damage and rated this tornado as an EF-2.

Nighttime tornadoes are not unusual in the southern states. It's always important to be aware of the weather, especially before you head to bed, have multiple ways to get warnings and have a safety plan. The NOAA Storm Prediction Center currently has eight confirmed tornadoes from last night. This number may increase as damage surveys are completed. Luckily, the weather should be better today as people head to the polls.