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Weather Decision Technologies Announces Latest Patent Issuance

by Daphne Thompson, on Sep 21, 2017 10:40:23 AM

WDT creates a scalable solution for combining, processing and storing multiple sources of weather data in real time

Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. (WDT), a global innovator in the weather industry, is proud to announce the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 9,753,947 for efficiently updating, processing, and making use of weather data that is continuously being collected while differing in time and space.

 "WDT handles high-volume, rapidly-updating weather data in a variety of spatial formats from a wide array of sources,” says Christian Goering, WDT Principal Software Engineer and Architect. “Efficient and scalable storage and retrieval of this information is central to our mission of meeting the customer’s weather needs anytime, anywhere on the globe.”

WDT’s most recently issued patent is part of the company’s patent portfolio that includes 59 held and licensed patents covering multiple new weather-centric delivery technologies. This ongoing development of new patented capabilities continues WDT’s leadership position, strong history of product innovation, and development of cutting edge technologies.

About Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. 
Headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma, Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. (WDT) provides organizations with weather analytics and decision support on a global scale. The company utilizes big data solutions to develop and provide weather analytics such as hazardous weather detection and prediction, high resolution forecasts, decision analytics, content for mobile apps as well as interactive mapping.  WDT employs the world-renowned WeatherOps forecast team who provides global asset protection and commodities trading decision support. Be it asset protection, positioning of goods and services ahead of weather or as response to weather, or simply warning the general public of impending adverse weather, WDT has a product to fit any need.                              

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