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Foreflight iPhone Application Launched with WDT Radar Data

by admin, on Jan 11, 2010 2:26:05 AM

Best-Selling Aviation Application Lets Pilots Gather Preflight Intelligence and Improve Situational Awareness Faster and Easier than Ever Before.

Norman, OK. and Houston, TX - January 11, 2010 - ForeFlight and Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. (WDT) have collaborated to deliver Slip Map™ weather maps to ForeFlight's iPhone, iPod touch, and Google Android applications for pilots. Designed from the ground up for active pilots, the new weather presentation technologies improve pre-flight situational awareness, increase confidence, and improve pilot productivity. The new weather Slip Maps™- maps that users can pinch, drag, and zoom - are available in ForeFlight Mobile 3, the latest evolution of the best-selling aviation weather and flight planning application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This new app is available for download today on Apple's iTunes App Store.

"ForeFlight Mobile 3 is the culmination of many months of hard work and collaborations with partners," said Tyson Weihs, Co-Founder of ForeFlight. "The new features are based on feedback from our passionate user community. We kept the best parts of our previous versions, redesigned the rest from the ground up, and optimized everything," said Weihs. "We are especially excited that our new WDT-powered weather Slip Maps brings technology to pilots that is certified by the FAA for aviation use and meets the FAA's rigorous guidelines for reliability."

"WDT collaborated with ForeFlight closely for the past year to develop the technology that powers the new weather Slip Maps said Mike Eilts, CEO of WDT. "We are proud of the result," said Eilts.

ForeFlight Mobile 3 delivers zoomable, animated HD NEXRAD radar and satellite for the continental United States, Alasaka, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Beautiful, animated radar graphics with indicators for lightning, hail and mesocyclones offer pilots a sophisticated view of the weather nationwide.

Other new features in ForeFlight's flagship Preflight Intelligence application for iPhone and iPod touch include innovations like future flight plan filing and a new download manager that allows pilots to download more than 2 gigabytes of chart and instrument procedure diagrams for use when away from an Internet connection. Hundreds of new features and a completely redesigned user interface make ForeFlight Mobile 3 the must-have companion for any student, private, instrument, commercial, airline transport, or military pilot.

In July 2008, ForeFlight Mobile 2 launched alongside Apple's new App Store to critical acclaim, becoming one of the highest rated iPhone aviation products in the App Store and a top seller in the App Store's weather category. In addition to a comprehensive airport directory, ForeFlight Mobile provides color-coded METARs, TAFs, winds aloft, infrared satellite, noticies to airmen, information on temporary flight restrictions, a directory of fixed-based ground operators, flight plan filing, access to CSC DUATS preflight briefings, and more.

In December 2009, ForeFlight launched ForeFlight Weather 2 on the Google Android platform featuring aviation weather from WDT. Mirroring the iPhone application, ForeFlight Weather 2 gives pilots smooth and efficient access to raw METARs and TAFs, translations, winds aloft, and radar and satellite imagery. Pilots may search by airport identifier and view weather information for thousands of airports. Users can also add "Favorites" for frequent airports or view "Recents" to see their last searched airports. The application includes color coded indicators for current flight rules.

ForeFlight Mobile 3 is available in the iPhone App Store as a free download and includes the first 30 days of a ForeFlight Mobile Subscription. Subscription extensions can be purchased inside the app, starting at $24.99 (USD) for a three-month plan or $74.99 (USD) for a one-year plan. Upgrading ForeFlight 2 users receive a 50% discount off their first one-year plan purchase. ForeFlight Weather 2.0 is available on the Android Market for $19.99. Android phones like the Google Nexus One, Verizon Droid, myTouch 3G, HTC Hero, and Motorola Milestone are available in the United States and worldwide.

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Founded in 2007, ForeFlight builds Preflight Intelligence apps for pilots. ForeFlight's critically acclaimed and highly-rated apps are used by thousands of pilots worldwide to efficiently gather the critical information they need to assess flight conditions, plan flights, obtain preflight weather briefings, and file flight plans with government aviation agencies.


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