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Mother Nature Has a Plan For Your Event. Do You?

by Dax Cochran, on Dec 15, 2015 10:14:53 AM

Earlier this month, safety minded leaders, from all walks of the live event industry, gathered for the 2nd annual Event Safety Summit at Rock Lititz, outside of Lancaster, PA. The wonderful team of passionate individuals that make up the Event Safety Alliance hosted 3 days of brain storming and idea sharing. Their mission is to increase awareness and education related to event industry safety, while raising the bar on established best practices.
Over the course of the summit, attendees were treated to a full line up of eye opening and motivating presentations from every expertise required to organize and execute a successful and secure event. Many of the presentations specifically addressed weather, sparking engaging questions and conversation from the audience. Plenty of safety concerns need to be addressed at the planning stage for an outdoor event, weather is a primary one. Whether it is crazy heat, lightning, high winds or torrential rain that creates a mess and can ruin sensitive gear, Mother Nature is bound to have a plan for your event. 
With numerous presentations focusing on weather, I was proud to see WDT WeatherOps presented as the first line of defense in a well thought out and executed weather action plan. Because planning makes all the difference, WDT strives hard to expand on the only customized service for event and production professionals. The key part is ensuring the service is adaptable to your event’s specific plan. All events are different and each requires a unique safety plan. We see the importance of that and continue to work with the industry to ensure you receive customized weather support that complements your unique event plan.
You have committed to significant investments in time, money, and resources to make your event successful. Do you have a proactive plan to deal with whatever Mother Nature has in store for you? Let WDT help protect you, your crew, your audience, and your investment. At the end of the day, that’s what we really do. 
2016 Severe Weather Summit
For an in depth education on weather concerns for events and how to plan for them, please consider joining us at the Severe Weather Summit in March.
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