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Louisiana Hit by At Least Five Tornadoes Tuesday

by Daphne Thompson, on Feb 9, 2017 3:00:44 PM

Louisiana was hit by at least five tornadoes on Tuesday, February 7. The National Weather Service sent out multiple crews yesterday to review damage that had been reported. While some areas may still be surveyed, here are their current findings.

New Orleans Tornado

New Orleans Tornado

  • Rated EF3 with estimated wind speeds of 140 mph
  • 28 reported injuries
  • 300 buildings destroyed, 640 seriously damaged
  • Path 2 miles long and .5 miles wide
  • 10,400 people lost power
  • First EF3 tornado to ever hit New Orleans

Watson Tornado

  • Rated EF3 with wind speeds estimated at 140 mph
  • 4 injuries reported
  • Path 6 miles long
  • 10 homes damaged

Killian Tornado

Killian Tornado seen on RadarScope

  • Rated EF2 with wind speeds estimated at 120 mph
  • 2 injuries reported
  • Path 1 mile long

Donaldsonville Tornado

  • Rated EF1 with estimated wind speeds of 105 mph
  • Path 6 miles long

Jefferson Tornado

  • Rated EF0 with estimated wind speeds of 80 mph
  • Path 1 mile long and 25 yards wide
  • Minor roof and tree damage

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