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Heavy Rain in Philadelphia Leads to Flooding and Road Closures Early This Morning

by Daphne Thompson, on Jun 11, 2018 3:23:51 PM

Overnight storms in Philadelphia led to multiple inches of rain and a flash flood warning. So much rain fell that part of I-76 had to be shut down. Stranded cars were forced to wait for hours before then, being told to turn around and drive the wrong direction on the interstate. Morning rush hour turned into a hunt for the best way to get to work while avoiding closed roads.

RadarScope- Philadelphia Storms

Archived RadarScope data show a slow-moving line of heavy rain oriented from east to west across the Philadelphia metro area last night. Creeks rose, and clogged drain pipes caused water to spill onto roadways. The storms led to a Flash Flood Warning, and multiple water rescues.

Esri 24-hr Rain Totals

Using ArcGIS, with WeatherOps layers, we can plot the amount of rain that fell over a 24-hour period. Some parts of the metro received over 4 inches of rain. Do you need the capability to plot rainfall during or after an event? Let us know, and we can help.

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