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Even Niagara Falls Doesn't Like the Cold

by Daphne Thompson, on Jan 22, 2019 1:45:25 PM

Have you seen the icy images of Niagara Falls? Anything outside that can freeze, has frozen. Extreme cold in New York has set some records this week, and wind chills have been unusually harsh. 

Niagara Falls was covered in ice this morning. Every few years it will partially freeze and appear as if Disney's Elsa has come for a visit.

The New York Mesonet shows numerous locations reaching wind chills down to near -30ºF during the past couple of days. One of their stations had a temperature of -35ºF, making it the coldest location in the contiguous states.

It's cold enough that when you throw boiling water into the air, it crystalizes before hitting the ground.

It is also cold enough that when you blow a soap bubble, it too freezes! As fun as this looks, I don't want to experience temperatures that do this.

By mid-morning, temperatures started climbing out of the single digits. New York wasn't the only state experiencing brutally cold temperatures and wind chills. All of New England is under this chill. A state of emergency was issued for Newport County in Rhode Island after gas service was cut to thousands.

WeatherOps Cold Temps on Jan 22, 2019

However, by Wednesday afternoon, heavy snow and freezing rain will move into the area. Freezing rain is expected and snow accumulations of 2-4 inches, with locally higher amounts over 6 inches, are forecast by WeatherOps.

WeatherOps Snow Forecast for Jan 23, 2019

A storm system currently affecting the West Coast will make it across the US by early next week bringing more snow and cold temperatures to New England. Winter still has a lot of time to go, so those in New England can expect more cold in the coming weeks.