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DTN Completes Acquisition of Weather Decision Technologies

by Steve Miller, on Nov 12, 2018 10:00:25 AM

MINNEAPOLIS (November 12, 2018)DTN, an independent source of insights, analysis and decision-support solutions, announced today that it has finalized the acquisition of Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. (WDT). Together, the combined organization will offer insights and solutions built on the highest quality and most accurate weather forecasts and insights.

“We are excited to bring WDT together with DTN,” said Ron Sznaider, DTN chief science officer. “Together, we’ll bring our customers the critical weather information and insights they rely on to mitigate risk, improve safety and sustainability, and optimize operational and financial performance.”

The acquisition immediately increases DTN’s staff of meteorologists by 40 and opens the company to new markets including offshore, live events, healthcare and retail. DTN expects to integrate WDT’s colleagues and solutions into its operations and create an industry-leading and highly scalable weather platform for customers.

DTN has closed four acquisitions in the last 12 months as the company continues to serve as the independent, trusted source of solutions to customers throughout the energy, agriculture and transportation marketplaces.

About DTN
DTN is the independent, trusted source of actionable insights for two million customers focused on feeding, protecting and fueling the world. Customer-focused and employee-driven, DTN focuses on empowering customers worldwide with decision-support solutions in agriculture, energy, commodity and financial analytics, and weather-sensitive industries through continuous, leading-edge innovation. DTN is based in Minneapolis with offices globally.

About WDT, Inc.
Headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma, WDT provides organizations with actionable weather analytics and decision support. The company helps clients leverage weather information for profit and safety globally. Hazardous weather detection, prediction, and decision analytics are available via APIs and GIS layers, as well as WDT’s leading risk mitigation SaaS platform, WeatherOps®. WDT takes business continuity activities to the next level by assigning expert meteorologists to monitor global assets and provide live, one-on-one consulting before and during severe weather situations.

Media Contact:
Krysta Larson, DTN