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Weather services make for safer venues - Three tips:

by Dax Cochran, on Oct 19, 2015 12:18:30 PM

Over the past few seasons, many festival and event managers have recognized the need for, and implemented, professional weather support from WDT. It's not just about getting a forecast or an alert. By maximizing the value from the service, you should no doubt translate that value to real dollars if weather becomes a factor for your event. Here are three helpful tips to be sure you are using event safety resources to their fullest potential.

1. Education

We move quickly at WeatherOps and can have your event running through our weather product factory in a matter of hours. You and your staff will quickly begin receiving forecasts, alerts, and you will gain direct access to our forecast desk. However, don't wait until the last minute to set up a service! Be sure you build in time for training regarding your weather provider's products and services. 

2. Share Those Plans!

If you have implemented weather support, it should be tied to your event’s Severe Weather Action Plan (SWAP), linking actions to weather triggers. An alert won't mean much if your team has not identified specific actions to take when certain thresholds are breached. Sharing these plans with your forecast provider is vital as it helps them to better understand what happens at what time and how you, your team, and the audience fits into the equation.

To take it a step further, the most sophisticated weather service providers can customize your plan to all products. At WDT WeatherOps, we are able to customize forecasts and alerts to match any SWAP. 

3. Communication

Communication is paramount assuming the previous tips have been exercised. You have invested in forecaster support, there is no reason to NOT communicate with them. If you see the forecast in the morning calls for one of your triggers to possibly be breached later in the day, call the forecaster right then. Don't wait to see if the forecast verifies or not. Establishing communication early enables you to make a plan for the day. You may even request the forecaster to call you at a specific time and update you on any changes to the morning forecast. Rest easy knowing your venue is being monitored consistently.

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By covering the three above topics, you have maximized the value you are getting for your weather support and everyone from your crew to your insurance provider thanks you for it. WDT WeatherOps customers have confirmed on a consistent basis that this approach saves the show! WeatherOps services are extremely inexpensive and I invite you to contact me for more information at the link above. Let WDT WeatherOps be your "Show Go" guys!

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