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Helping Business Weather the Storm

Hazardous Weather Outlook for Tuesday, June 9, 2015

by WeatherOps, on Jun 8, 2015 10:06:31 AM

Hazardous thunderstorms are possible Tuesday from the Atlantic Seaboard through the Gulf Coast States, the Upper Midwest into the Great Lakes, Montana into the Northern High Plains. and the South Central High Plains.

Atlantic Seaboard through Gulf Coast States:Frontal boundary moving off the Atlantic coast and stalling along the Gulf Coastal states will be the focal point for thunderstorm development on Tuesday. Although widespread particularly hazardous thunderstorms are not forecast, areas of hazardous thunderstorms should be possible in association with daytime heating that will lead to some stronger wind gusts and possible bouts of hail.

Upper Midwest into Great Lakes:Low pressure system moving through Canada and associated frontal boundary will allow for thunderstorm activity for the region. Widespread particularly hazardous thunderstorms are not forecast, however some favorable instability and wind shear could lead to thunderstorms producing strong wind gusts and some hail.

Montana and Northern High Plains:Upslope flow in relation to a low forming on the lee side of the Rockies could allow for some stronger thunderstorm development in the region, with some large hail or damaging wind gusts possible.

South-Central High Plains:A few stronger thunderstorms could be possible on Tuesday in the wake of remnant outflow wind boundaries in the region, with some large hail or strong winds possible.