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iMapWeather Delivers Accurate Weather Information

by Daphne Thompson, on Jan 27, 2011 4:16:40 AM

Developed by Weather Decision Technologies, iMapWeather is one of the most technologically advanced and intuitive weather apps available for iPad. Serving as both an interactive radar for observing changing weather patterns, and a general purpose weather and forecast app – you’ll never need to look further for more information.thumb

You can enter your location within the app to access local maps (or search for your current location), with up-to-date current conditions displayed for the area. Satellite information shows cloud movement across your chosen map, and you can also access traffic information for that location. If you regularly commute or travel to different cities, you can save locations in iMapWeather as pins which are marked on the map. Tapping on a pin brings up all the relevant weather details for that area.

Along the bottom of the screen are boxes which give you important weather information at a glance, including the conditions at the moment (“Right Now”) and the 7 day outlook under “Daily Forecast”. There is also an alerts section which advises you of any severe or dangerous weather patterns such as tornadoes, ice or storms in your selected area(s).

The interface in iMapWeather is clean and easy to use, with a depth of information available at your fingertips which is simply not available in most dedicated weather apps. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and accurate weather app for iPad at a modest price, you can’t go past iMapWeather.

iMapWeather [iTunes Link] is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. See article on The iPhone App Review.


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