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WeatherOps Team Prepares for Spring Outdoor Live Event Season

by Renny Vandewege, on Mar 1, 2017 2:17:53 PM

With pitchers and catchers reporting to MLB spring training, the NASCAR season moving into top gear at Daytona, and calendars full of festivals and concert tours, spring fever is running rampant. The spring weather outlook usually includes severe storms, so it is best for those involved in live events to prepare for weather interruptions.

WeatherOps and Live Events

Between our WeatherOps forecasters and severe weather alerting, we assist with event safety mangement for over 3,000 concerts, sporting events and more. Read about how we are working to help the live event industry prepare for weather emergencies in my blog:

WeatherOps Team Prepares for Spring Outdoor Event Season

Want to learn more about the upcoming spring severe weather outlook? Sign up for our free webinar today to learn about weather risk management and severe weather preparedness.

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