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Helping Business Weather the Storm

WeatherOps Early Warning Services and Risk Mitigation

by Daphne Thompson, on Mar 23, 2018 11:13:32 AM

High-impact weather events such as tropical cyclones, floods, wildfires, droughts, winter storms, and tornadoes bring dangerous impacts including a heightened risk of catastrophic damage. There has been a notable increase in the frequency of billion-dollar disasters in recent decades, making businesses more vulnerable than ever before. You can trust WeatherOps to keep your business ahead of these storms.

Early Warning Services

Businesses are better prepared for high-impact weather events when they are receiving early warning services. The WeatherOps early warning services include global weather alerts for impending, short-term, and 3 to 7-day threats to site-specific locations. WDT Extended Outlooks are particularly valuable for outdoor events that are forecast to be impacted by strong thunderstorms or excessive rainfall.

Customers can receive push notifications for WeatherOps proprietary alerts through email, text message, and the WeatherOps mobile app. They also have access to alerts and impending hazards in real-time on the WeatherOps display map. This interactive display contains high-resolution radar, satellite, and real-time lightning data across the region of interest. Lightning alerts are customized to provide a timely heads up to inclement weather across the globe and are especially advantageous in areas where data is typically sparse such as West Africa, India, and Southeast Asia.

WeatherOps Alerts in Commander

When there is potential for severe weather, customers can log in to Commander to monitor the situation, access forecasts, alerts, and view real-time weather information. Offshore customers can see a suite of global marine weather information including wind, wave, and ocean current data to provide perspective on offshore weather impacts.

Marcus Wave Heights

Undeniably, the most valuable aspect of the WeatherOps early warning system is clear, actionable weather briefings from our 24/7 staff of meteorologists. This direct communication between our meteorologists and customers is critical to storm preparedness and response and ensures impending threats are well-understood.

Weather Risk Management

WeatherOps Commander lets customers manage settings for severe weather alerts, daily weather forecasts, and tropical threat assessments in one convenient location. Customers can enter their weather thresholds into specialized reports, so they know the time frame for making decisions and the arrival time of hazardous winds. In the event of an approaching tropical cyclone, the worst-case scenario or potential for a direct-hit is calculated to help customers strategically plan for contingencies.

Daily Planner Testimonial

Since it is critical that disaster management plans are in place and well-practiced before severe weather strikes, WeatherOps provides simulated weather information to assist business preparations for potential high-impact weather events. Do you need us to simulate a heightened severe weather day or approaching hurricane so you can perfect your action plan? Let WeatherOps help you with risk mitigation.

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