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WeatherOps Commander Version 4.0 Coming Soon

by Daphne Thompson, on Dec 5, 2016 11:30:36 AM

Changes to Commander are well underway, as we have reached the halfway point in the development of version 4.0. Careful design and development consideration was made with regards to how the application is used and the feedback we have received from our clients. Here are a few of the features that will be coming in the new version.

React for User Interface (UI)

With sweeping changes coming to Commander, we took the opportunity to revisit our code base and make adjustments. One of the larger decisions was to write the UI in React, a javascript library that was developed by the team at Facebook. This allowed us to update the UI across the application, with the ability to reuse components, which makes the code base much cleaner and more efficient. 


Improved Navigation / Commander Dashboard


The layout of the application has changed drastically. We have created a common operating picture through a traditional dashboard view. Navigation will always be in view to the left, allowing clients to access and view all aspects of Commander from any place in the application.


Distribution / Assignment Made Easier

Commander X_assets.png

The process of assigning assets to products, or users to distribution lists, has changed and is now housed in the same place in Commander. Clients can make changes quickly and easily without having to go to multiple areas within Commander to do so. Additionally, the client will have a wide-angle view of the company's current setup across the board.

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