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WDT Attends the Event Safety Summit

by Dax Cochran, on Dec 5, 2016 11:36:21 AM

The biggest names in the concert and event production business gathered November 29 to December 1 on the Rock Lititz campus outside of Lancaster, PA for the 3rd annual Event Safety Alliance (ESA) Event Safety Summit.

Conference attendees were treated to a number of presenters on various safety related topics. Outdoor events can be seriously affected by weather, so severe weather lessons were also on the docket.

Dax Cochran Presents at the Event Safety Summit

WeatherOps’ Dax Cochran addressed the crowd on the importance of weather planning and considerations on choosing a weather provider.

Kevin Kloesel Presents at the Event Safety Summit

This was followed by a presentation on the importance of working with a meteorologist for any mass gathering by the University of Oklahoma’s Dr. Kevin Kloesel and former National Weather Association President, Dr. John Scala.

The Safety Summit offers the chance for the WeatherOps team to share ideas with the best minds in the event industry. WeatherOps Forecast Services Director, Chris Kerr, was also in attendance to speak with customers, in order to ensure continued growth between the event production and weather communities. WDT shares ESA's goal of increasing safety planning and management for events around the globe.

Are you in charge of an event or venue that could use WeatherOps forecasters or weather training? If so, you should consider attending the ESA Severe Weather Summit in Norman this coming March. This 2-day event will provide attendees with the knowledge necessary to identify and prepare for potential threats, and how to use existing technology and expertise in order to safely handle a severe weather event. Register today!

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