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Tropical Storm Colin Earliest "C" Named Storm On Record

by David Moran, on Jun 6, 2016 2:19:48 PM

While June 1 marked the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season, we have already seen three named storms this year. Tropical Storm Alex developed in January, Tropical Storm Bonnie developed just before the Memorial Day weekend, and now we have Tropical Storm Colin, which developed yesterday.


In general, C named storms usually form in mid to late July. Tropical Storm Colin is the earliest "C" Atlantic storm on record since 1887.  Wilma, which made landfall in 2005, was the last hurricane to affect Florida. Although Colin is a tropical storm, it is important that those who live on the Gulf and East Coast stay vigilant this season. Know your evacuation route, stay alert to the current forecast, and never drive in high water covering roads due to flooding and storm surge. 


As Colin approaches Florida, rainfall amounts of 3-5 inches with locally higher amounts in excess of 8 inches will be possible. A storm surge of 1-3 feet above normal is possible along the Florida coast near Tampa Bay, as it makes landfall tonight. By Tuesday, Colin will begin to impact portions of Georgia. Rainfall amounts of 2-3 inches, with locally higher amounts in excess of 4 inches, will be possible. Because of the amount of rain between Monday and Tuesday, flooding and flash flooding is a concern.


Below is a look at the satellite view of Tropical Storm Colin and the forecast track.


Colin Satellite and Forecast Track

Colin Satellite and Forecast Track


WeatherOps meteorologists have been monitoring assets in the Gulf of Mexico. They will continue to observe Colin's progress over the next few days and make appropriate forecasts. 


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