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Resolve to be Spatiotemporal in 2017

by Matt Gaffner, on Jan 31, 2017 10:58:17 AM

You should resolve to be spatiotemporal this year. It’s no secret around the office that ‘spatiotemporal’ is my new favorite word. I think it should be your favorite word too.

So, what exactly does spatiotemporal mean? 
1. belonging to both space and time or to space-time.
There’s a paradigm shift occurring in the GIS field. Attributing your data with both space and time fields will empower you to create much more meaningful analytics with all of the geo-enabled analytics tools out there. Learn more about my thoughts on 'spatiotemporal' in my blog:

Resolve to be Spatiotemporal in 2017

GIS Spatiotemporal Hail Data
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