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Helping Business Weather the Storm

RadarScope and Lightning Layers as Seen in the WeatherOps Risk Mitigation System

by Steve Miller, on Aug 18, 2017 1:46:56 PM

WeatherOps is an enterprise-level weather monitoring and alerting tool by Weather Decision Technologies in Norman, Oklahoma

For about a year now, RadarScope radar data has been available within WDT’s WeatherOps software. For those unfamiliar with RadarScope, its an award-winning, top shelf app (also by WDT) that displays radar in it’s native format. RadarScope is the #1 choice among meteorologists and weather enthusiasts. 

RadarScope Data with WeatherOps

As you can see, radar data overlaid on this particular base map will allow, upon zoom, a street-level view of what’s happening. With higher resolution data, not only can you tell exactly where a core is located, you can pick up on other atmospheric features that could indicate what will happen next.

Lightning Data with WeatherOps

WeatherOps features worldwide ENTLN lightning data. The company maintains over 1,200 sensors in 40+ countries across the globe. This precision data is color-coded by strike age, with orange dots indicating older strikes and brighter yellow dots showing more recent strikes. Each dot is clickable and a breakdown of strike information is provided.

In the Tulsa area you’ll notice a bullseye. These are range rings and their purpose is to alert a decision maker that lightning has entered a pre-defined area. Range rings are useful for any enterprise application, however, they’re absolutely critical to the outdoor event industry, protecting people at stadiums, amphitheaters, festivals, parks, golf courses, etc. Range rings are user-adjustable and can have an outer, a middle, and an inner ring.

Combining just the data displayed in these two images will help any decision maker be weather aware enough to make an educated decision about a threat to people or property. WeatherOps doesn’t stop with just radar and lightning + alerting. The web-based software boasts 100+ different layers to help anyone at any level of weather knowledge. 

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