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Vast Improvements of WDT Weather Verification Products Accompany Launch

by Daphne Thompson, on Jun 25, 2013 3:11:30 PM

wf_com_releaseWeather Decision Technologies expands product offering; moves from focused forensics products to a full suite of Weather Verification tools.

NORMAN, OK - JUNE 25, 2013 - Weather industry leader Weather Decision Technologies® (WDT) announces today the complete overhaul of its outward facing weather verification line of products and services. Accompanying this announcement is introduction of the new Weather Verification brand, which complements and replaces WDT’s former Weather Forensics business unit.

WDT’s Weather Verification suite is an exceptionally intuitive set of tools for use on a desktop or tablet and is designed to obtain accurate, immediate data regarding all modes of weather from the vast database maintained by WDT in Norman, OK.

Key Features
  • Unique post-processing of hail detection data adds coherency to hail swath output
  • Cutting-edge tornado detection and analysis for coordination of response efforts
  • Comprehensive lightning strike data from our partners at ENTLN
  • Detailed hurricane post analysis products created by expert meteorologists
  • A fresh, streamlined ordering process
  • Cumbersome mapping plug-ins are no longer required
  • One button printing from within the map
Pricing & Availability

The all-new Weather Verification suite of products is available beginning today! Accompanying this launch, WDT has adjusted pricing on many products to match current market trends. In all cases, pricing modifications benefit the customer. Advanced HailSpot data is now priced at a flat $9.99 for reports dating back to 2003; HailExpress single-day reports start at $200; formerly $45 and $295 respectively. Visit

About Weather Decision Technologies® (WDT)

Founded in 2000, Weather Decision Technologies is a high technology leader in the weather industry, providing life-safety applications and weather decision support services and systems to our partners and customers. WDT pioneered the development of proprietary Hail Detection and Hail Prediction Algorithms that integrates National Weather Service, NEXRAD Doppler Radar Data and observed hail, providing a statistically reliable data-set to determine hail size and hail fall.

WDT maintains operational offices in Norman, Oklahoma. Additional information can be found online at

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