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WDT Acquires Base Velocity's Best-Selling RadarScope® Suite of Apps, Expands Mobile Development Team

by admin, on Jan 23, 2012 3:04:54 AM

NORMAN, OK (January 23, 2012) - Weather industry leader Weather Decision Technologies has acquired Base Velocity's suite of RadarScope branded products. Additionally, Base Velocity's four founders have joined WDT to support the company's mission to continue to provide life-saving mobile weather applications.

RadarScope is one of the top grossing premium weather apps in the App Store and Android Market offering radar data retrieval and display at lightning fast speed. The application is a powerful addition to WDT's portfolio of mission-critical weather applications for weather enthusiasts, general consumers, and enterprise, including its premium iMapWeather Radio application.

"Base Velocity, known for its flagship RadarScope application, is among the most respected names in the weather application developer community," said Mike Eilts, President and CEO of WDT, Inc. "We are delighted to add the high-level talent of the Base Velocity team to our mobile development operations moving forward."

"RadarScope gives users the power to view true radial NEXRAD weather radar data on their mobile phone, Mac, or iPad," said Mike Wolfinbarger, former CEO of Base Velocity, and newly appointed Vice President of Mobile Development at WDT. "We are delighted to be joining a weather leader to help expand its strong presence in the mobile marketplace."

About RadarScope.

RadarScope is a specialized display utility for weather enthusiasts and meteorologists to allow mobile, Mac and iPad users to view NEXRAD radar data and severe weather warnings. It can display the latest reflectivity, velocity, and other radar products from any NEXRAD radar site in the United States, Guam and Puerto Rico. Unlike other weather applications, Radarscope goes beyond displaying smoothed PNG or GIF images, offering instead, real Level 3 radar data, rendered in its original radial format for a high level of detail. Radarscope is available for $29.99 on the Mac Store, and $9.99 on the iTunes Store and Android Market. RadarScope for iOS; RadarScope for Android, and RadarScope for Mac.

About iMap®Weather Radio

With iMapWeather Radio, users receive critical voice and text alerts on life-threatening weather events. With the application, iPhones will "wake up" and also "follow you" with alerts wherever you go. Enjoy the power of a weather radio, with all the convenience and precision of a smart phone. iMapWeather Radio is available for $9.99 on the iTunes store. For more information: iMapWeather Radio.

About Weather Decision Technologies (WDT).

Founded in 2000, Weather Decision Technologies has become a global leader in providing state-of-the-science weather detection, nowcasting, and forecasting systems and services to our partners and customers. WDT's iMap services provide dynamic, web-based and mobile interactive mapping solutions for the world's leading local media companies. WDT maintains operational and international offices in Norman, Oklahoma, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta, Georgia. Corporate and

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