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WDT and WorldNow Sign Exclusive Agreement

by admin, on Sep 22, 2009 3:22:52 AM

NEW YORK-September 22, 2009 - WorldNow, the leading online technology, content and revenue-solutions company for local media, has announced that it has expanded its partnership with Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. (WDT) to provide local media properties with WDT's iMap WeatherTM products including iMapInteractive, iMapLive and iMapMobile. This strategic partnership is aimed at helping local media companies enhance their weather coverage both online and on air by providing the tools and technology for consumers and meteorologists to directly interact with maps and data.

The goal of these products is to help media companies establish a strong three screen strategy (on air, online and mobile), to reach consumers with complete weather information anywhere and anytime.

"ur partnership with WorldNow is an excellent opportunity to extend our reach and deploy our iMap WeatherTM products with leading broadcast stations across the country," said Mike Eilts, President and CEO, Weather Decision Technologies.

iMapInteractiveTM is an online product that utilizes WDT's advanced real-time Doppler Radar data, overlaid onto Google Maps. This allows users to view precise weather radar and forecasts with easy search and "zoom in/out" functions. iMap Interactive also allows weather trackers to view weather information within storm patterns, right down to the street and house level. Visitors can overlay multiple layers of data simultaneously, a feature that is unique to WDT.

iMapLive is a complete on air weather presentation system empowering meteorologists to interact with maps in real time.

iMapMobile is a location-based handheld weather application enabling users to view and interact with maps, forecasts and high resolution radar imagery. It also provides an exclusive "Follow Me" weather feature for mobile users. The mobile applications provide unique, location-based weather feeds and forecasts sent directly to handsets, based on precise location coordinates.

"iMapWeather is a unique "triple play" offering that enables our clients to remain connected with their viewers 24/7, via any device," said Craig Smith, EVP Sales and Distribution for WorldNow. "This extended partnership with WDT enhances the already established deal with AEN and WDT to provide real-time video streaming of storm updates and on-demand playback provided by hurricane specialists at the National Hurricane Center. The iMap tools are easy to use and clients can monetize their own custom iMap by tying advertising solutions to the iMap WeatherTM module."

About WorldNow
A leader in Internet technology, content and revenue solutions, WorldNow, a New York-based technology and sales company, is the only company to provide a comprehensive technology platform and strategic advertising services that enable media companies to expand to the digital realm with innovative Web publishing tools, advanced video delivery technology and industry-driving advertising leadership. WorldNow's proven technology and advertising leadership equips its media partners with the tools to make the transition to the digital marketplace, expand their footprint in the online ecosystem and realize real-world profitability from their investment. Current WorldNow customers include affiliates of major broadcast television, newspaper and radio groups.

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