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Oklahoma Weather Company Supports Agriculture Industry With New Offering For Agronomists

by Steve Miller, on Jan 26, 2016 4:31:41 PM


WDT now provides agronomists with not only the data necessary to make the most educated decisions, but also the meteorological support essential to executing more accurately.


NORMAN, OK, January 26, 2016 - Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. (WDT) announces today, the launch of a customized weather forecasting service that offers agronomists the ability to access expert meteorologists 24/7/365. In addition to WeatherOps services for Agriculture, expert meteorologists on the WeatherOps team will provide personal forecasts for each farm in support of both near term and long term operations. This service will be available upon the start of the 2016 growing season.

“In addition to our full suite of field-focused services, agronomists now have the ability to consult personally with a meteorologist regarding the long term and short term forecast prior to planting and commencing seasonal operations,” states Tim Marquis, Ag Expert at Weather Decision Technologies. “There’s a significant need to get beyond hearing there’s a 40% chance of rain this afternoon vs. informing growers at what approximate time and location the rainfall is going to occur.”

These industry exclusive personal forecasts are a supplement to WDT’s premium access to customizable daily planners, mobile weather alerts, and WeatherOps web-based mapping system.

Live meteorological support will begin March 1, and carry throughout the growing season. Meteorological support for agronomists is an add-on service for WDT’s WeatherOps services for Agriculture. 

About Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.
Headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma, U.S. Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. (WDT) provides organizations with weather analytics and decision support on a global scale. The company utilizes big data solutions to develop and provide weather analytics such as hazardous weather detection and prediction, high resolution forecasts, decision analytics, content for mobile apps as well as interactive mapping.  WDT employs the world-renowned WeatherOps forecast team, staffed by experts who provide global asset protection and commodities trading decision support. Be it asset protection, positioning of goods and services ahead of weather or as response to weather, or simply warning the general public of impending adverse weather, WDT has a product to fit any need.



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