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WDT Mobile App Users: Our Privacy Policy & Promise To You

by Steve Miller, on Aug 23, 2017 11:13:42 AM

Good morning,
I write you today to address WDT's privacy policy, specifically, the sharing of your private information via our RadarScope, Weather Radio and WeatherOps mobile applications. 

Recent news has raised awareness among users concerned about the sharing of usage data and location information among third-party organizations for various use cases.

While our mobile privacy policy is broad in scope, I can assure our user base that we do not share information outside of WDT for any purpose. Furthermore, usage information is queried only for internal app performance reporting. We do utilize email address information within WDT for quarterly newsletters sent directly from my office to the end user.

WDT will continue to respect our clients' privacy and focus entirely on the weather.

Thank you,

Steve Miller
SVP Marketing
WDT, Inc.