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WDT and MetStat Introduce Collaborative Effort: SkyWise MetStorm

by Steve Miller, on May 19, 2016 12:27:31 PM

Norman, OK - May 19, 2016 — Weather risk and analytics leader Weather Decision Technologies®, Inc. (WDT) announces availability of SkyWise® MetStorm®, an extremely high-resolution gridded precipitation field that updates every 5-minutes and provides precipitation estimates over the CONUS out to 48-hours. This exclusive and patented product is the result of years of joint development work by MetStat®, of Fort Collins, CO, and WDT.


SkyWise MetStorm combines the strengths of high resolution dual-polarization radar and satellite derived precipitation data while integrating precipitation gauges and climatological precipitation information through innovative algorithms to produce precise, high-resolution precipitation maps at up to 5-minute intervals at 250m grid square resolution.  This 250m grid resolution is 256 times the resolution of standard NWS QPE Products (4 km).



  • In the agriculture industry, the need for in-field variability of precipitation is a critical component to both field workability, irrigation, and nitrogen modeling. No other entity can provide true 250m (17 acres) resolution rainfall data and without this high resolution weather data, no agronomic model will have a chance at capturing field level, let alone infield variability, solutions. Growers deserve to have access to the best data in order to receive the best recommendations to maximize their return on investment.
  • For municipalities of any size, precise and accurate rainfall data in real time alleviates the need for multiple weather gauge sites and a central processing location. This greatly reduces the cost of pertinent information necessary to mitigate storm water runoff and emergent flooding situations where life and property become at-risk. 

SkyWise MetStorm identifies the exact particle size, shape and phase of precipitation at each grid point using dual-polarized radar data from the U.S. WSR-88D radar system. SkyWise MetStorm data differs greatly from data provided by traditional hydrological data sources where rainfall rates are determined primarily using radar reflectivity only. Skywise MetStorm utilizes a suite of rain rate relationships based on classifications, dual-pol variables and freezing height level to deliver the highest quality at a resolution of 250m across the United States.


WDT is committed to investing in quality of data to fuel industry needs. No other entity is operating at true 250m resolution rainfall data. 


Most users rely on the NOAA’s NWS Multisensor Precipitation Estimate (MPE) 4km QPE Product.  Taking a look at the New Orleans flooding event that occurred in mid-March 2016, it becomes apparent how not only the spatial resolution differences result in better estimations, but how dual polarization data in conjunction with gauge and satellite data can provide higher accuracy.



MetStorm vs MPE vs Gauge for March 8-11, 2016 over Louisiana/Texas (Click to Enlarge)


NWS Multisensor Precipitation Estimates 4km QPE product

NWS Multisensor Precipitation Estimates 4km QPE product


MetStorm 250m Quantitative Precipitation Estimate (QPE)

MetStorm 250m Quantitative Precipitation Estimate (QPE)



Available immediately in gridded format for input to your displays, analytics or hydromodels.

Hourly 1km data will be made available on or around June 1, 2016 via API within WDT’s SkyWise suite. Meanwhile, 250m data will be available via the API soon thereafter, with data available later this year.


About MetStat®

MetStat, Inc. is a meteorological engineering company in Fort Collins, Colorado specializing in precipitation analytics, regional frequency analyses and gauge-adjusted radar precipitation. Established in 1994, MetStat provides accurate, innovative, and detailed meteorological and hydrometeorological information to the private and public sectors seeking optimization of hydrologic infrastructures, efficient water management, efficient agriculture practices and for public safety applications. The technical expertise of MetStat and its partnering companies provide comprehensive technical knowledge required of complicated real-time, hydro-meteorological and engineering applications. MetStat leads in the analysis of precipitation associated with extreme events and are the proud developers of MetStorm®. The company achieves state-of-the-science products and services by leveraging our wealth of internal expertise as well as through strategic partnerships with other companies, including Weather Decision Technologies®.


About Weather Decision Technologies®, Inc.:
Headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma, U.S. Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. (WDT) provides organizations with weather analytics and decision support on a global scale. The company utilizes big data solutions to develop and provide weather analytics such as hazardous weather detection and prediction, high resolution forecasts, decision analytics, content for mobile apps as well as interactive mapping.  WDT employs the world-renowned WeatherOps® forecast team, staffed by experts who provide global asset protection and commodities trading decision support. Be it asset protection, positioning of goods and services ahead of weather or as response to weather, or simply warning the general public of impending adverse weather, WDT has a product to fit any need.

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