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New Orleans Tornado Analysis in Real-time

by Matt Gaffner, on Feb 10, 2017 12:25:40 PM

Spring and summer are typically when we see the most tornadoes, but that doesn’t mean that tornadoes won’t happen any other time of the year. Using our TornadoTrax product, I have created a real-time analysis for the New Orleans tornado.

If you have ever kept track of Local Storm Reports (LSR) issued by the National Weather Service, you may have noticed that the information doesn't always seem to paint the complete picture you are really wanting. However, when combined with our TornadoTrax algorithm the image becomes much clearer. Seeing tornado reports coincident with TornadoTrax is a strong indicator that there has been a tornado on the ground. Check out more images I have created and how they can help you prepare for weather emergencies by reading my full blog at the following link:

New Orleans Tornado Analysis in Real-Time

TornadoTrax GIS Map

If you are interested in our TornadoTrax product, let us know. We produce many GIS products and weather services to help when there is severe weather. Whether you work for a power company or an insurance company, we can help you be better prepared to assist your customers and reduce business interruption.     New Call-to-action

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