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Need a Break From Hurricanes? Me too.

by Daphne Thompson, on Sep 21, 2017 2:35:47 PM

It's been a rough hurricane season for many. Are you experiencing weather fatigue? Then let's take a break and look at some enjoyable weather images and videos for a change.

Weather Kitten

Baby animals can make everything better! Check out these puppies experiencing snow for the first time. Winter is around the corner, and soon you too will be having to trek through drifts. If you need a highly reliable, real-time solution to monitor, forecast, and warn of impending adverse weather then look no further than WeatherOps 


Now, this is a cool shot of wind turbines and fog. The energy industry is heavily influenced by weather and decisions can be costly or profitable. Be proactive by being weather-aware. We'll help you anticipate weather impacts to your grid and predict power generation for profit.

Wind Turbines in Fog

Who doesn't like playing in puddles after it rains? However, sometimes there can be way too much rain. Be prepared for thunderstorms and severe weather with one of our mobile apps. RadarScope has professional grade radar data that allows you to track and report the weather. Weather Radio provides alerts, local weather, and radar all rolled into one visually stunning app that’s simple to use. 

Does your company have a tempest in a teapot that could be quickly calmed with weather data? Let us help. Our meteorologists track your vessels in any basin, providing real-time actionable alerts and forecasts that are easy to understand across languages and weather knowledge levels.

Tempest in a Teacup

Fall is here, and that means pumpkin spice, Halloween, and corn mazes. I am pretty sure I would get lost in this unicorn, kittens, and cupcake one! Did you have problems growing enough corn for a maze due to the weather? WDT provides weather information that impacts agriculture and data that includes archives of hourly observations, climatology information, real-time conditions, and 10-day out to seasonal forecasts all at very high resolution (1-4 km) in agriculture-rich areas of the world.

Unicorn Corn Maze

Waterspouts are tornadoes that usually remain over water, although sometimes they come on land and cause damage. But have you ever seen one that created a spray that caught the sun just right and created a rainbow? Did you know we provide global weather data? Use Skywise to access over 14,000+ surface weather observations from around the globe for current weather conditions and 3-day hourly forecast, as well as daily forecasts out to 10-days.

Our mission is to deliver weather information before you know you need it. Many businesses don't realize they need a professional weather service until it's too late. Find out the five reasons you need our services!

Find Out the 5 Reasons You Need Professional Weather Services

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