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Microclimate Event: Ice Storm in the Columbia River Gorge

by Daphne Thompson, on Jan 19, 2017 4:53:35 PM

In this blog post from Tuesday, I talked about microclimates and how their effects can have huge impacts. I mentioned the Columbia River Gorge microclimate that is prone to heavy freezing rain events and that our forecast suggested one would soon occur. Looking at what happened Wednesday, it becomes pretty clear why measuring those microclimates with precision data is so important. A total of 42.45 mm, or roughly 1.6 inches, of freezing rain occurred in the Columbia River Gorge at the Vista House.

Ice at the Vista House in the Columbia River Gorge (Credit: Patrick Oldright)Ice at the Vista House in the Columbia River Gorge (Credit: Patrick Oldright)

Taking a look at the SkyWise insight API, you can see they received 1.6 inches (42.45mm) of ice with temperatures well below freezing for the event; a Low of 28F (-2C).

SkyWise Insight API Precipitation

SkyWise Insight API Temperatures

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