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May 7-9, 2016: Tornado Outbreak

by Daphne Thompson, on May 10, 2016 4:55:01 PM

With the first of May comes the peak month for tornadic activity on the southern plains and the May 7-9 sequence has produced the first tornadic outbreak of the month. Initially starting with the Wray, CO tornadoes on May 7, the focus shifted to Kansas and Oklahoma where most notably a brief tornado occured near Marlow, Oklahoma on May 8th


May 8, 2016 Manitou, OK (photo credit: Brian Mejia)

Marlow, OK (photo credit: Brian Mejia)


Monday ended up being the most significant day of the sequence producing an outbreak of tornadoes across the plains. Initiation of a storm began near Duncan Oklahoma at around 2:30 pm. By 4:00 pm, that same storm became a supercell and began producing a violent tornado (EF3 +) near Elmore city, OK just west of I-35.RadarScope Initiation Near Duncan, OK


Meanwhile, several storms across Nebraska, Illinois and Iowa began producing brief tornadoes along the warm front while also producing large hail near Lincoln, NE. Divots are common across a golf course but usually not related to large hail! 

 Lincoln, NE Hail Divots


The supercells forming along the dry line in Oklahoma were by far the strongest and produced the most violent tornadoes of the day. I personally witnessed a large wedge tornado near Sulphur Oklahoma that unfortunately resulted in one death. 


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