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Introducing: WeatherOps Executive Summaries & Daily Threats

by Daphne Thompson, on Aug 7, 2017 2:52:23 PM

We love our daily planner and weather check products! Really, we do! We sent out over 30,000(!) forecast emails in a single week recently. The total forecast emails sent across the timeframe of the chart below (24 weeks) is just shy of 600,000.

Number of forecast emails WeatherOps delivers per week

Number of forecast emails WeatherOps delivers per week

First thing, let’s take a quick look at our 7-day Daily Planner. For each 6 hour step, we provide a customizable threat matrix (red, yellow, green status) as well as a 24-hour summary of customizable weather parameters.

Example of a Daily Planner Forecast

Example of a Daily Planner Forecast

A 48-hour Weather Check is very similarly structured with the temporal resolution of 2 hours.

Example of a Weather Check Forecast

Example of a Weather Check Forecast

With such a large amount of popularity of our forecasts, we wanted to provide the data to you directly via WeatherOps Commander. You will now be able to access the most up-to-date forecast for your location without having to find the email we sent to you. 

Example Dynamic PlannerExample Dynamic Planner (click image to enlarge)

You will also be able to aggregate the temporal resolution to your liking (currently we have options of 1, 2, 6, 12, and 24 hour). You will have access to derived data values not found in Weather Checks and Daily Planners (Approximate Wet Bulb Globe Temperature and Relative Humidity). Thresholds that have been set or customized will be shown via the red, yellow, green threat colors. 

But that’s not the cool thing we’ve been working on…

I don’t like emails, I just don’t. I spend more time on inbox rules than I really want to admit. So I know if there are 4 or 5 (or more) Daily Planners that I need to review, I’m going to get a lot of emails in the span of a week (at least 56). Why not provide a single view of all assets? Very soon we will launch two new products for you to streamline your process of monitoring the weather for your assets.

The threat matrix on our Daily Planners and Weather Checks are a fantastic way to quickly glance at the forecast and delineate what is going on with your asset. The Executive Summary product takes our threat matrix and compresses it into a red/yellow/green value.

Example Executive Summary

Example Executive Summary (click image to enlarge)

At quick glance, I can identify the handful of assets I would want to pay attention to for the next few days. The temporal resolution in this report is customizable just like the dynamic planners. Also, the asset name on the left side of the report links directly to your dynamic planner. So that’s cool, right?

The Executive Summary provides a high level view of all your assets, which works for some folks. We have been starting to work with our partners on providing a “Management by Exception” solution. In this scenario, a company does not care about locations that do not have impending issues. The Daily Threat report was created with that in mind.

Example Daily Threat

Example Daily Threat (click image to enlarge)

The Daily Threat report breaks up the report into days and lists only the assets that have a parameter “triggered” via the customizable triggers you set up in Commander (or utilize the default triggers). Finding any assets under a weather threat for the next 10 days is available to you in a single view on Commander.

We have built these new products utilizing the Skywise platform. Our WeatherOps forecasters have started to push all of their data through WDT’s Weather Pipeline. This opens up a large amount of data for the WeatherOps developers to integrate into Commander, from reports to interactive maps:

WeatherOps Severe Parameter

WeatherOps Severe Parameter 

WeatherOps Wind Speed Forecast

WeatherOps Wind Speed Forecast

We will be launching these new products very soon. Keep an eye out for our official launch announcement. 

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