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Helping Business Weather the Storm

Healthcare Facilities vs. High-impact Weather

by Steve Miller, on Sep 24, 2015 2:18:29 PM

Healthcare systems nationwide depend on weather information provided by WDT's WeatherOps expert meteorologists. Protecting facilities against surprise adverse weather can not only save lives, it can help operations personnel plan for staffing needs accordingly. Furthermore, WDT WeatherOps asset protection can aide in the logistics of patient care during severe weather conditions. Decision support in relation to adverse weather helps facility managers make decisions that will no doubt positively affect the bottom line.

Receive patented proximity alerts on any device for your specific facility's severe weather concerns. Our web-based portal allows complete customization of your notifications, administrators, alerting range, etc. In addition, access to a meteorologist is available 24/7/365. It's like having your own meteorology department! 

  • Access your subscription products, adjust alert thresholds, and easily add users to your account within this single interactive portal
  • View real-time weather information as it pertains to your operation via our WeatherOps master console
  • Receive a 7-day and/or 2-day overview of the weather that provides a quick glance for situational awareness at or near your asset
  • Gain access to lightning proximity and NWS Watch and Warning alerts delivered via HTML email and WeatherOps Commander

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Many institutions depend on television coverage for the latest weather information and, as you can imagine, TV is not at all considered an optimal source for organizational decision making. Do not put your patient population, personnel, and ability to perform appropriate services at risk. Work with WDT meteorologists to ensure safety and business continuity for your healthcare facility or system. You may click below for a two-week trial of our services. Check it out! 

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