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Do Commercials Glorify Lightning?

by Daphne Thompson, on Sep 20, 2016 10:26:03 AM

Businesses create commercials every year that appear to glorify lightning. They show people playing in thunderstorms, driving through dust storms, and 4-wheeling in blizzards. Lightning can and does kill dozens of people every year who either don't understand the risk or think they are invincible. 

 Check out the commercial below advertising the new Apple Watch Series 2. The man is watching lightning strike right outside his house, contemplating his ride. Is Apple saying it is okay to ride with your new waterproof watch despite the lightning? I am pretty sure that watch won't protect him in any way from the storm conditions depicted. Then again, if he downloads RadarScope and views it on his watch he may realize he should not be going outside.

 Here is another commercial, this time for a car. The man in this one is wandering through a thunderstorm with a large glass jar. You can't really capture lightning in a bottle. What you can do is be struck by lightning and die or be severely injured.



Now here is a commercial from a few years ago that is a bit funny, but the fact is, it's very misleading. Obviously, lightning doesn't discriminate between men and women. Men, however, do tend to get struck more often due to more of them working outdoors. By the way, if you get struck, like the guys shown here, you won't just be trying to put a fire out on your clothing.


 While this is just a short selection of commercials, they truly are head-shakers. They don't show the true dangers of a thunderstorm. Lightning kills and injures people every year. There have been 35 fatalities to date in 2016. Those who survive nearly always have long term issues. Many of us enjoy listening to thunder and watching the lightning strike, but we need to be careful to not glorify it.