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Helping Business Weather the Storm

Bad Weather Causes Big Problems for Businesses

by Daphne Thompson, on Apr 12, 2018 1:53:18 PM

Face it, flooding, heavy snow or ice, tornadoes, and hurricanes all have negative impacts on business operations. Do you close early? Do you let everyone work from home for a day? Should your service trucks continue to drive through areas affected by adverse weather? There are many questions you should ask so you don't put your employees in harm's way while also minimizing risk to assets as well as your bottom line. 

The best plans are proactive, not reactive. Knowing what to expect from the weather hours to days ahead can make a big difference in how you operate, as well as profit before and during a weather impact. The WeatherOps' Thunderstorm and Rainfall Planner, along with the Winter Weather Planner, are just two of the products we provide that give you the insight necessary to plan accordingly.

For instance, in the images below from our daily Thunderstorm and Rainfall Planner, you can see severe storms are expected from east Texas to far western Mississippi. This means if you are in charge of an electric company in this area, our maps provide an advanced warning that more staff may be needed to make grid infrastructure repairs upon impact. Not being prepared in advance will lead to delays in restoring service to your customers. It also shows heavy rain expected not only in the same area as the storms but also in northern California. Any outdoor event in the West would need to be prepared for possible flooding and mudslides.

WeatherOps Thunderstorm and Rainfall Planner

Our Winter Weather Planner indicates where snow and ice are expected over the coming week. These images show a significant winter storm with moderate to heavy snow. Here you can see snow is expected to spread eastward into Minnesota, Wisconsin and much of the Great Lakes with a threat of freezing rain in addition to potentially heavy snow. Due to dangerous conditions in the forecast, a shipping company may want to adjust routes, stores may want to stock specific items or close to reduce operating losses, or a DOT might plan road treatment supply and plow staffing before the coming storm. 

WeatherOps Winter Weather Planner

Need additional information for your company to handle and understand the coming storm system? We also can provide Weather Planners to give you a specific day-to-day forecast created with the weather triggers that meet the criteria you want.

WeatherOps Daily Planner

Or maybe you are an energy or utility company that leverages weather on a seasonal or sub-seasonal basis? If your business is heavily influenced by weather, and you need to make precision decisions to gain profit, we have the data that can make that happen. 

Frontier Seasonal Forecast

Interested in learning more about what we offer and how these products can help your business? Then sign up for one or all of our upcoming Making Sense of Weather's Influence of Business webinar series.

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