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An Unlucky Week of Weather

by Daphne Thompson, on May 13, 2016 2:21:48 PM

On this Friday the 13th of May, let's look back at some unlucky weather that occurred this week. We've had it all; from tornadoes to hail to wind damage. And the week is not over just yet.

Sunday, May 8

From Nebraska down into Central Texas, a variety of severe weather was recorded. Although hail reports rate highest, there were also tornadoes. The most significant damage on this day was in Emmeram, KS to a farm house and outbuildings.  


SPC Storm Reports and KS Tornado (Photo Credit: Thor B)


Monday, May 9

Over 30 tornadoes were reported, mostly in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, there were 2 fatalities from the tornadoes. One tornado, in Katie, OK, was rated as at EF-4. There was also a report of 4.25 inch hail falling, some which left large divots at a golf course, in Lincoln, NE.


SPC Storm Reports and OK Tornado (Photo Credit: KFOR)


Tuesday, May 10

An additional 21 tornadoes occurred on Tuesday, with the majority in Kentucky and Tennessee. A preliminary damage assessment rated the one pictured below as an EF-2. Hail also fell in multiple states. Tennis ball sized hail was reported in Hermitage, TN while 1 inch hail was said to be 8-10 inches deep in some parts of Central TX.


SPC Storm Reports and KY Tornado (Photo Credit: Tom Berry/The Messenger via AP)   

Wednesday, May 11

Finally, a day with no tornadoes. However, large hail and damaging winds hit multiple states. Grapefruit sized hail fell just outside of St. Louis, MO. Hailstones, like those pictured below, were responsible for breaking windows and leaving dents in 120 cars at a dealership. Strong winds flipped a semi-truck in Anson, TX and in injury was reported in Geronimo, OK when a mobile home was destroyed by straight line winds.


SPC Storm Reports and MO Hail (Photo Credit: @indigojayreads via Twitter)


Thursday, May 12

Storm reports consisted on mainly wind damage. Thursday was the least active day of the week, as of yet. The majority of hail that fell this day was 1 inch or smaller. Many trees and power lines were blown over during thunderstorms. 


SPC Storm Reports and GA Wind Damage (Photo Credit: Gainesville FD)


Friday, May 13

That brings us to today, Friday the 13th. Our active weather week, that was unlucky for many, is not over yet. So far, a few 1 inch hailstones have fallen in KS and IA. There is a risk of severe storms in an area from the TX Panhandle to northern Illinois. Another risk of severe storms exists in the Carolinas. As of 2pm CDT, a Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect from Kansas to Iowa and another may be issued soon for parts of TX and OK. We'll have to wait a few more hours to see how this day concludes.


SPC Storm Reports and WeatherOps Convective Outlook Graphic


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