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WDT and OnFarm Team Up for Key Weather Data Play

by Steve Miller, on Apr 22, 2015 9:40:45 AM

Integration of advanced WDT content to help farmers grow informed

Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.® (WDT) has announced a partnership that provides weather content to OnFarm for their highly acclaimed grower-friendly management and decision platform. OnFarm is a California-based software company that assists growers by integrating crop production information into a single portal, which now includes precision agricultural weather information!

“Weather data is critical to our goal of providing growers with current information on crop conditions so that producers can make informed production decisions” says Lance Donny CEO of OnFarm. “The information we receive from WDT is the most reliable and accurate we’ve found”

Data for OnFarm includes exclusive incorporation of the following key components:

  • The industry’s leading radar solution with five-minute updates and field level detail
  • High resolution rainfall data (QPE) to assist with operation-based decision making
  • Stunning temperature contours and wind animations from WDT’s proprietary modeling output
  • Patented alerting when specific user-defined weather thresholds are met
  • Forensics API & Ag API offering both real time and historic weather information

“We're thrilled to be the premier weather data source for OnFarm, bringing our suite of best-in-class data products to the precision Ag industry” says Tim Marquis, Ag Business Development Lead with WDT. “Now you can easily set up and store all of your critical farm information and accurately monitor how the weather will affect your bottom line.”

About OnFarm

OnFarm is an award winning software company that combines a comprehensive array of agriculture data from premier hardware and information providers into a single grower-friendly management and decision platform. For more information, see their website or call 877-663-2761


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