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Weather Decision Technologies and AgDNA Team Up For Key Content Play

by Steve Miller, on Mar 18, 2015 8:59:44 AM

Integration of advanced WDT content and what it means for you

NORMAN, OK – March 18, 2015 – Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.® (WDT) has announced a partnership that provides weather content to AgDNA for their highly acclaimed Mobile Farm Management system. AgDNA is a free app that utilizes the GPS capabilities of Apple and Android devices to record in-field farming activities and vehicle operations, and now weather!

“Access to accurate, real-time weather enhances the ability of our customers to make timely and informed decisions throughout the season”, said Paul Turner, Founder and CEO of AgDNA. “By partnering with WDT, we can now deliver to growers an all-in-one integrated farm management and analytics platform. The mobile access to accurate high-resolution precision farming information empowers growers with the means to monitor precise rainfall and weather events for each field throughout the season.”

Data for AgDNA includes exclusive incorporation of the following key components:

  • The industry’s leading radar solution with five-minute updates and field level detail
  • High resolution rainfall data (QPE) to assist with operation-based decision making
  • Stunning temperature contours and wind animations from WDT’s proprietary modeling output
  • Patented alerting when specific user-defined weather thresholds are met
  • WxHistory API & AgWx API offering both real time and historic weather information

“We're proud to be the premier weather data source for AgDNA, bringing our suite of best-in-class data products to the precision Ag industry” says Tim Marquis, Ag Business Development Lead with WDT. “Now you can easily set up and store all of your critical farm information and accurately monitor how the weather will affect your bottom line.”

About AgDNA
As a global leader in mobile data delivery solutions for agriculture, AgDNA provides growers, agri-businesses and equipment dealers worldwide with high quality web and mobile precision farming solutions. The revolutionary cloud-based platform has enabled thousands of crop producers across the US and around the world to increase on farm efficiency. AgDNA automates the collection and analysis of high-resolution precision farming data from internet enabled agricultural equipment and correlates this information with geo-spatial agronomic, topographic and weather data. The result is a powerful decision support system to enable farmer’s to maximise crop yields, optimise input costs and increase farm profitability.

About Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. (WDT)
Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. is the industry leader, providing organizations with weather decision support on a global scale. WDT offers specific expertise with big data as it applies to field-level weather detection and prediction, forecast modeling and decision analytics. WDT employs the world-renowned WeatherOps forecast team, staffed by experts who provide asset projection products and personalized decision support specific to the industry. We are the gold standard, maintaining past, present, and future intelligence pertinent to any operation. While WDT cannot control the weather, our track record might make you think otherwise.
WDT maintains operational offices in Norman, Oklahoma and Houston, Texas.

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