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Hazardous Weather Outlook for Wednesday, December 24, 2014

by WeatherOps, on Dec 23, 2014 3:50:51 PM

Severe thunderstorms are possible across Florida on Wednesday with a marginal threat across the Southeast. Heavy rain is possible across Northern Florida and the Southeast. Heavy snow and gusty winds are possible across the Cascades, Sierra Nevada, and Northern Rockies.

Florida and Southeastern US: Showers and thunderstorms will likely be ongoing across the Florida Panhandle early Wednesday morning ahead of the cold front approaching the region. Shower and thunderstorm activity will advance E-ward across the remainder of the Peninsula into Wednesday evening. A few severe thunderstorms will be possible across Florida with the main threats being frequent lightning, gusty winds up to 60 mph, hail up to 1.0 inch a few tornadoes. Meanwhile, a marginal threat of severe thunderstorms will exist across the Southeastern US from Georgia into the Carolinas. Main threats in this region will be gusty winds up to 60 mph.

Northern Florida and Southeastern US: Shower and thunderstorm activity mentioned above will generate widespread heavy rainfall over the region on Wednesday. 2 inches will be common across the Florida Panhandle and into the Southeast, likely leading to some flash flooding.

Cascades, Sierra Nevada and the Northern Rockies: Low pressure will track inland beginning Wednesday which will allow for the development of heavy snow. Snowfall levels will likely drop below 5000 feet, therefore a wide swath of heavy snowfall is expected by late Wednesday evening. Over 12 inches of accumulation is possible across the highest elevations, with 6 to 10 inches common elsewhere. Also, Increasing winds will create near whiteout conditions at times likely causing numerous disruptions to travel across the region.