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TornadoTrax - Hand drawn path for this morning's supercell near St. Louis

by Daphne Thompson, on Apr 3, 2014 4:17:05 PM

Our team of meteorologists have hand drawn the path of the tornado and damaging winds of this morning's tornadic acitivty near St. Louis. The path is based on radar data, reflectivity and velocity data. “This was a rare type of tornado,” says Paul Kamis, WDT’s Meteorologist and GIS Team Lead, “the cell formed in a squall line/mesoscale convective complex, not your typical supercell.”

There were clear debris signature for two full volume scans, meaning the tornado was definitely lofting some debris, be it trees or roofs.

The tornado touched down between 5:16 – 5:20 am CDT and was last seen in a scan at 5:24 am CDT.

Knowing the path after an event like this has occurred can be useful for making decisions in clean up and recovery. WDT can produce TornadoTrax in just hours after the event. Contact WDT today if you would like more information about this exclusive product.

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