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HailHistory Reports now at dramatically reduced price

by Daphne Thompson, on May 7, 2012 4:40:40 AM

NORMAN, OK, May 7, 2012 -, a division of Weather Decision Technologies (WDT) has announced a price reduction on HailHistory Reports; now starting at $45 for a one year search. HailHistory is an online hail verification report of an address-specific location utilizing our industry standard hailswath dataset.

"As the industry leader in hail verification products and reports, WDT's Weather Forensics team is excited to bring a more cost effective solution to insurance claims adjusters, engineers, and roofing professionals for their immediate verification of hail." states David VandenHeuvel, Sr. VP Enterprise Solutions. "The convenience of online instant access, and the resulting report, allows claims teams to manage hailstorms and hail claims in an efficient, cost effective manner."

HailHistory Reports are intended for search periods of up to one year or multiple year spans. In addition to HailHistory for extended search periods, WDT offers HailTrax Reports, the industry standard for single day verification and HailExpressHD which visualizes hail across any state, multiple states, or the full continental US. All of these hail products are built upon expert hailswath verification and can confirm the presence or absence of hail in a specific geographic area.

WDT's hail swath detection capability is a patent pending technology, built upon a suite of algorithms licensed from the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) and further enhanced by WDT's expert meteorologists and software engineers, some of whom co-developed the NSSL radar-based hailswath algorithm during their prior employment at NSSL. For over a decade, WDT has been the innovator and leader in providing commercially available products to aid in hail verification.

About Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. (WDT)

Headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma Weather Decision Technologies pioneered the development of proprietary Hail Detection and Hail Prediction Algorithms that integrates National Weather Service, NEXRAD Doppler Radar Data and observed hail providing a statistically reliable data set to determine hail size and hail fall. These capabilities are incorporated into their address specific HailTrax Report and their subscription based hail monitoring offering, HailExpress Service, created on a daily basis and displayed on the GoogleEarth interactive mapping environment for regional and street level analysis. WDT is headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma. Corporate websites: and

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