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Aerialogics Offers Integrated Property-by-Property Hail Data with their Aerial Roof Measurement Reports

by Daphne Thompson, on Aug 9, 2011 4:34:18 AM

Innovative Addition of 'Most Recent Hail Event' with Diagramed Aerial Measurements of a Property, Offers One-Stop-Shopping for Roofing, and Insurance Industries

NORMAN, Okla. (August 9, 2011) - Aerialogics, a leading provider of custom aerial roof measurement reports for the roofing and insurance industries, will now include property-by-property hail report information, thanks to an agreement with iMapWeather Forensics, a division of global weather industry leader, Weather Decision Technologies Inc. Aerialogics provides aerial measurement reporting on roofs and exterior property to the roofing, insurance, landscaping and solar industries.

The multi-year agreement between Aerialogics and WDT will mean that every roof measurement report will feature the date of the most recent hail event at a specific physical address, in addition to the hail's size. Aerialogics' aerial measurement reports are a highly cost-effective estimating tool that provides accurate, diagramed measurements of any roof structure nation-wide, in 24-hours-or-less.

"Aerialogics is excited to be adding strong reporting value for our customers with the addition of hail data reports to our customers," said Sean Green, CEO of Aerialogics. "Integrating the historical hail data into our roof measurement reports ensures roofing contractors and insurance adjusters get key information they need in one place, when they need it most," said Green.

"Roofing contractors and landscapers are highly dependent on the weather as it drives their end customers' need for their services and impacts their production schedules," said Mike Eilts, President of WDT. "The same folks who need roof measurements need to know the historical presence or absence of hail at a given property," said Eilts.

Roofers now have an objective third-party data source able to authoritatively confirm hail fall locations to support property inspections for damage. Insurance adjusters will benefit from knowing if hail was present and have an early indication of a potential date of loss. Optionally, Aerialogics' customers can also order a full "HailHistory" report from Aerialogics' report ordering page, indicating every date it has hailed at that location, as far back as 2003. This in turn helps report end-users more efficiently handle hail-related damage claims.

To ensure that every storm, no matter how small, is recorded and archived for an accurate historical hail impact report, WDT is the only company capturing and analyzing weather data throughout the contiguous United States, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. WDT has been the leader in the nation-wide analysis of hail data since 2001, creating the only scientifically-based hail activity data base with coverage of the entire Unites States. The United States Hail Data Archive (USHDA) used for these reports, is a proven and tested improvement over the use of unqualified human observation reports offered by others and is the industry standard used by insurance carriers on a daily basis.

In February, Aerialogics began displaying WDT's award-winning iMap® hail map and other severe weather data on its website, providing its customers with ready access to all of WDT's forensic weather product, including reporting on hail, lightning, (etc.).


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