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Gearing Up for an Active Hurricane Season, iMap® Hurricane Solution Gives Local Media and Enterprises Vital Tools for News Coverage and Resource Protection

by Daphne Thompson, on Jun 1, 2011 11:01:49 AM

iMap offers a full suite of advanced hurricane features for on-air, online, and on-the-go applications, including live broadcast tools, storm tracker live video streaming, and mobile weather radio alerts, as well as 24/7 Weather Support to protect enterprise resources in danger zones.Igor_release_310x310b

Norman, OK - June 1, 2011 – With high prospects for Hurricanes this year and NOAA scientists predicting an above normal hurricane season, weather leader Weather Decision Technologies, Inc., is providing a vital toolkit of emergency weather and impact information to local newspaper, radio, and television websites. The company is also providing 24/7 expert meteorologist weather support for local enterprises located in hurricane-prone zones.

iMap Hurricane interactive solutions come “pre-loaded” in an embedded iMapInteractive weather map, with a dedicated Tropical control set. The full menu of hurricane data sets includes:

  • Highly accurate, interactive forecast path and error cone data, which is rapidly auto-updated;
  • Dynamic “spaghetti” hurricane models, displaying the forecasted track of tropical storms or hurricanes analyzed against more than 10 separate models;
  • Infrared satellite images, showing clouds by their temperature – bright white areas indicate cold (high) cloud tops – updated every 30 minutes;
  • Coastal marine watches and warnings and detailed ship and buoy reports, with more than 2,500 offshore locations;
  • An embeddable live storm tracker video stream feature called iMapTracker giving stations the ability to stream breaking news video directly into the iMap weather map;
  • A hurricane threat assessment tool (HAZUS) offering detailed visualizations and predicted economic impact caused by damage to residences and businesses, based on the most current storm track
  • Dynamic, fast-access forecast and position balloons, offering up-to the minute forecast information on the iMap weather map, based on precise locations which may be explored anywhere on the Google-based map.
iMapWeather Radio Tropical Watches and Warnings for Mobile

For mobile users, WDT offers iPhone users the iMapWeather Radio mobile application, which displays severe weather layers, including the “cone of probability” for hurricanes. Users can view the cone in relation to their current location and saved locations. The application is brandable by stations, and allows users to receive weather alerts such as: hurricane and typhoon watches and warnings; hurricane force wind watches and warnings; inland hurricane and tropical watches and warnings; and hurricane and typhoon statements. Since hurricanes may spawn other forms of violent weather, the application also provides a wide variety of additional alerts such as flash floods and severe thunderstorms.

Enterprise-Level Weather Support in Hurricane Zones

WDT and its partner ImpactWeather are offering enterprises the opportunity to receive custom forecasts for their businesses. ImpactWeather helps clients avoid increased costs brought on by the failure to pre-deploy, reassign or protect resources in a timely fashion when faced by severe weather events.

"WDT provides groundbreaking access to hurricane data, giving media companies the opportunity to reach more people with this vital information, and assists businesses looking to protect human resources and material assets," said Mike Eilts, President and CEO, WDT.

For more information on iMapHurricane: For more information on iMapWeather Radio: For iMap sales and 24/7 weather support for Hurricane season, contact Mike Gauthier at phone (405) 579-7675 ext. 233, or

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Founded in 2000, Weather Decision Technologies has become a global leader in providing state-of-the-science weather detection, nowcasting, and forecasting systems and services to our partners and customers. WDT's iMap services provide dynamic, web-based and mobile interactive mapping solutions for the world's leading local media companies. WDT maintains operational and international offices in Norman, Oklahoma, and Atlanta, Georgia.
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