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CNN uses iMapLive! to air segments on tropical disturbance approaching Gulf oil-spill region, and Canada Earthquake

by Daphne Thompson, on Jun 25, 2010 10:19:18 AM

CNN is stepping up its usage of WDT’s iMapLive! on-air broadcast tool, airing a segment today on the possible threat to the Gulf oil spill region using iMapLive to show possible track scenarios. The segment featured iMapLive’s comprehensive “spaghetti” track forecast feature for tropical storms and Hurricanes. The on-air meteorologist highlighted two possible tracks forecasted for this weekend.

CNN coverage of the tropical disturbance using iMapLive! can be viewed at:


Download Video:

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CNN also made use of iMapLive! to cover yesterday’s Canada earthquake. CNN meteorologist Chad Myers used iMapLive! to show the location of the 5.0 quake, which shook the Ottowa region on June 23rd . This time, Myers showed the epicenter’s distance from populated areas.

CNN coverage of the Canada earthquake using iMapLive! can be viewed at:

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